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4* Major hits Thursday w/ 'UNDER' in Golden State/Houston.  Friday night NBA 6PM ET

Maingate nails 15* Rockets +1 1/2


Maingate 2-2 NBA 25*'s and 11-10 w/ NBA 15*'s.  34-12-1since 3/7

Analysis of Houston 'UNDER' Thursday:



I admit I'm a bit perplexed why the NBA and NHL allows television to determine the outcome of playoff games?  I don't give out hockey because of the lack of demand but there is no question Tampa fizzled in games #6 and #7 because they had nothing left playing every other day.  They took a physical beating in game #6 in Washington with the Capitals really laying heavy checks throughout and the strategy worked to perfection because the Lightning had zero left in the tank and were the slowest I've seen them all season.  Yesterday I projected Cleveland was at a huge disadvantage playing on one day of rest with travel because of their age.  What gets me is why do they put up with it?  The NHL finals do not begin until next Monday and the NBA finals is slated to begin June 3rd.  The NBA finals begin on May 31st or a week from today and a game #7 between Houston and Golden State would wrap up on Monday the 28th.  The point being we aren't getting the true quality in either sport because of this grueling schedule the leagues are mandating.  The Warriors come off a 12-point fourth quarter. But they also had just 18 in the second quarter.  Blowing a 12-0 lead at the outset and a 12-point lead early in the fourth quarter indicates and 'embarrassing loss' and especially considering Golden State had previously won 16 straight playoff games.  We know going in tonight that teams off embarrassing losses have consistently played 'UNDERS' throughout the playoffs. Boston had lost two straight prior to last night and held Cleveland to 83 points despite the fact the Cavs held the Celtics to 36.5 percent shooting. Golden State is now 6-1 'UNDER' in their last seven games and it's obvious it's because of the scheduling.  The 95-92 verdict in game #4 saw both teams hit just 39 percent from the floor lowering tonight's total significantly down from the closing figure of 227 1/2 48 hours ago in game #4.  Turnovers always rise when teams are fatigued. This is really hurting Cleveland right now and even LeBron had six of his own last night. Golden State had 16 turnovers in game #4 after Houston committed 19 in game #3.  Houston is 5-2 'UNDER' in their last seven. How can two teams with such prolific scorers continue to stay 'UNDER'?  It has to be scheduling. You play and are on a late night flight after the game with limited sleep and before you know it the next game begins. Plus the playoffs require much more focus and anticipation than meaningless regular-season games.  Klay Thompson is probable tonight but how effective will he be? Iguodala is considering questionable.  I think there's a fairly good chance one of these teams might not reach the century mark tonight again.  We've seen one of these squads score 85, 95, or 92-points in each of the past two games.  Last night was horrific shooting in Beantown. It doesn't have to be this way if you allowed guys to be healthy and play with two complete off days. But TV dictates it.  Go 'UNDER'.  I find this statistic simply extraordinary. Houston is now 30-6 'UNDER' with Coach D'Antoi when the spread is between +3 and -3.


Certainly makes you appreciate crazy 21-0-1 NCAA run


Maingate Group NOW 13-12 in playoffs w/ 25*/15* moves. Now 34-12 since March 7th! (13-12 playoffs/2-2 25*'s)


$28 Friday; $69 next 3 days; $99 next 5 days; $129 next 7 days; $199 rest of Playoffs

Maingate Group completes Madness perfection w/ 15* Villanova. 21-0-1 w/ 25* and 15* plays since March  7th in NCAA Hoops.  



Service plays in RED  are now 68-47 last 54 days 


"This might be unprecedented in my 38 years in this business.  I highly doubt I've ever witnessed a streak like this. Granted you have to get breaks like Sunday w/ Duke and Kansas 'OVER' in overtime but to go 21-0-1 and sustain it for 27 days is very special and we may not witness something like this again for a very long time. It's been my pleasure to have this Betting Group (not a tout service) available on the Modified Consensus"  Mark

Maingate is now 34-12-1 since March 7th w/ 25*/15* plays (13-12 NBA Playoffs)


10* Totals Club now 18-8 last 26 10*s missing 10* Celtics/Cavs 'OVER' by 3 1/2-points in game #3

$28 Friday; $69 thru Sunday; $99 thru Game #1 of Finals; or $129 next 7 days.  The ONE-YEAR Package returns for NBA playoffs, 2018 Football, and 2019 NCAA Hoops thru Madness. $2400 but available on via paypal ( or money order/check. Contact Mark @ for further information.  


79-57 Majors since Saturday Feb 1st (4* or higher)

34-17 all Majors in February! 28-25 in March.17-16 in April/May 

18-11 Best Bets since Super Bowl rated 5* or 4 1/2*


Last 3 years Animal NCAA Hoop BEST BETS rated 5* or 4 1/2* are 61-34 ATS 

Analysis of 4 1/2* Western Ky +5 on Monday 3/19


Western Kentucky might have been ticked about losing to Marshall in their conference tournament and not getting the automatic bid that comes with it but it didn't show in the first round of the NIT when they destroyed Boston College 79-62 albeit at home. Still the Hilltoppers can take appreciation in knowing they are still playing basketball while Marshall got thumped last night by West Virginia.  USC acted like they could care less about the NIT when they barely beat UNC-Asheville (four overtimes) when leading scorer Chimezie Metu sat out to protect his health for the upcoming NBA draft. What a bunch of baloney.  The Trojans are also without their second-leading scorer in Bennie Boatwright, who is out for the season with an injury. Those two averaged 15.7 and 13.6 points per game.  Metu apparently has no interest in returning and is reportedly sitting out tonight. No definitive word on if the Trojans would eventually get to New York City but I wouldn't count on seeing him.  It's one thing in football to sit out a meaningless bowl game but to sit out an entire tournament in hoops? Give me a break.  Western Kentucky has FIVE DOUBLE DIGIT SCORERS who will all be playing tonight.  Three of them are SENIORS including first and second-leading scorers Justin Johnson and Darius Thompson. The duo combined for 36 points and 18 rebounds in the win over Boston College. I get the feeling THEY CARE about the NIT a whole lot more than Metu and the Trojans.  This is Western Kentucky's first NIT appearance since 2006. The last time they won more than one game in the NIT was 1948. I don't think motivation will be an issue for the visitor, who beat Purdue early this season at a neutral site (Bahamas) and only lost to Villanova by eight points.  


87-53 ATS NFL in 2016 w/ Best Bets 16-6.  

NCAA Service plays in RED finish 50-27 since start of Bowls. 

NFL Service plays in RED were 42-14 in last year's NFL Playoffs

Combined 75-27 ATS last 11 days of Football last year!

Animal Majors (4* or higher) 92-61-2 with Best Bets (5* and 4 1/2*) 7-2 last nine.

NFL Best Bets 16-6 in 2016

NFL 87-53 ATS overall

2017-18 Basketball Pricing as follows:

Daily Service: $28 weekdays/$38 weekends

3-consecutive days $79

5-consecutive days or "weekend warrior" package $109

7-consecutive days $139

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Modified Consensus just incredible in 2016 post-season NCAA and NFL!

Service plays in RED 42-14 in NFL playoffs!  

Modified Consensus sizzling in the post-season. Service plays in RED in NFL playoffs go 9-2 Conference Championship Sunday/42-14 in NFL Playoffs on MC in RED, and now 42-14 the last 6 days of Football.  75-27 last 11 days of Football.

NFL Best Bets are 16-6 this year.  Football Majors now 86-54!  All Football Best Bets now 6-1 last seven dating back to Bowls

27-14 last 41 football plays. 87-53 ATS NFL this year!  88-58-1 ATS Football Majors! 

Animal 4-2 NFL Playoff Majors (3-1 Best Bets). Now 54 games over .500 at 180-126 since 8/26 in Football 

How about 75-27 the last 11 days w/ Football plays in RED dating back to bowls. 49-27 Final Bowl record on MC in RED

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