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2021-22 Bowl Package Details: 
Receive All Bowls thru January 10th NCAA Title game plus Final 5 weeks of NFL Regular season for $379 or 33 days. Begins this Thursday, December 9th. 2020-21 Bowls 29-11 ATS w/ Plays in RED
Rest of Football including Bowls, Final
5 weeks of Regular Season, and NFL PLAYOFFS thru Super Bowl for $498 or 67 days. 

Rest of 2021 Football including Bowls, NFL, NFL Playoffs w/ Complete 2022 Basketball Combo Package thru April 4th (117 Days) for $1,499.

Modified Consensus! 11-3 in RED on Sunday/Monday and 23-9 the last 3 Sundays combined

What a great way to end the week! HB Game of Year New England; Neri 4* Patriots; Animal teaser Pats and 'UNDER'; Maingate 15* 'UNDER' 

HB nails 10* Game of Year Patriots outright

Maingate 3-0 last 3 days sweeping 25*'s w/ Miami. 15* 'UNDER' MNF!  

Wildcat 10* Wash! 10* Totals Club 10* Pitt 'UNDER'

T Covers 6-2 w/ 5* 'Big Ticket' with Philly

Neri now 34-12 w/ 4* or higher w/ 4* LA Chargers and 4* New England  

Preferred 17-6 w/ 4* or higher w/ 4* Steelers!

Animal 5* streak halted at SIX

Sat 12/4: 5* Georgia -6 1/2 LOSE
Sat 11/27:
5* Georgia -35 WIN
Sun 11/21: 5* KC -2 1/2 WIN 
Fri 11/19: 5* Houston Cougars -9 WIN
Sat 11/13: 5* Notre Dame -6 1/2 WIN
Thurs 11/11: 5* Pitt Panthers -6 1/2 WIN
Sun 11/7: 5* Green Bay +7 WIN

Preferred now 17-6 with 4* or higher with 4* Alabama. 4* Steelers

$28 Thursday.  Reminder: Service plays in RED are 23-9 the last 3 Sundays combined NFL

10* Totals Club 10* Green Bay 'OVER'

Service plays in RED finish 23-9 last 3 Sundays in the NFL

Analysis of 5* Houston Cougars Friday 11/19 and 5* KC -2 1/2 Sunday 11/21:

Don't discount that loss of Amari Cooper due to Covid.  I read this week that Cooper had been targeted 60 times this year without a single dropped pass.  Dallas is still without Randy Gregory and Demarcus Lawrence on the defensive line and Gregory led the team in sacks and pressures.  Patrick Mahomes looked like the 2019 and 2020 version last week in Vegas and both the offensive line and defensive line looked significantly improved.  Since the return of pass rusher Chris Jones, the KC defense has been excellent holding their last three opponents to 38-points. Dallas is 7-2 but they play in a very weak division and the 30-16 defeat to Denver and then a blowout over lifeless Atlanta, who we saw on Thursday, just doesn't get me excited.  The Chiefs are still rather difficult to beat at Arrowhead.  Dallas has 270 rushing yards in their last three games. That's only 90 per contest.  KC has allowed 72 or less in 2/3 recently.  Why do I get the feeling KC is about to take control of the AFC West once again?  Note that RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire is activated and ready to return. That's big for KC. It goes without saying the key to stopping Mahomes is pressure. That was proven in the Super Bowl and again in the early going this year. But Dallas has just five sacks in four road games and without Gregory and Lawrence, I don't expect them to get many today.  KC has been overpriced for much of the past two years. Believe it or not, they are on an 0-9 ATS run at Arrowhead Stadium! Incredible. But this is a cheap price and after 406 passing yards and five touchdowns, I have no intention of going against Mahomes., who I think might be on the verge of a big run. I entered this season feeling the AFC West was best and the NFC East was worst.  KC -2 1/2 is the 5* BEST BET!

I'm on Houston tonight. I expected this line to be closer to -14.  Memphis is 5-5 but they can still get to the mandatory six-wins (not really) to get a bowl invite when they host Tulane next week. The Tigers are off a demoralizing 30-29 home defeat to East Carolina in a contest they were out-gained 502-341 despite a 2-1 edge in turnovers.  Memphis has lost three straight on the road to Temple, Tulsa, and a UCF team without their starting QB.  Allowing 479 yards and 34-points to Temple is downright scary. It wasn't exactly a wake-up call for Memphis either because the very-next week they 417 yards and 35-points to Tulsa, another mediocre team on a good day. Houston is the top dog (along with Cincinnati) in this conference at 7-0 and outscoring foes 39-23 on average.  This is also PAYBACK for the Cougars who lost to Memphis each of the past two seasons by scores of 30-27 in 2020 and 45-27 in 2019.  The defeat last season really hurt because Houston had a 409-312 edge in total yards and ran 19 more plays (84-69).  But this year the Cougars have all the weapons. In their last two games Houston has rushed for 478 yards and passed for 614.  In a recent home game they went for 44 and beat SMU.  I'm not sure how Memphis gets away with this but they aren't exactly forthcoming when it comes to injuries. They have six contributors listed as questionable with 'undisclosed injuries".  Memphis QB Seth Henigan comes off two consecutive games with a QB rating of 65.9 and 67.2 and this will be the best pass rush he has faced this season.  He took four sacks versus SMU and three apiece against Temple and Tulsa.  Houston senior QB Clayton Tune has been with the program since 2018 and is a three-year starter with 55 career touchdowns.  This is his home finale and the Cougars only have UCONN on deck away.  Houston is #6 in the nation in total defense and #8 in rushing defense.  Memphis 6-17 ATS in their last 23 and the home team recently is 10-2 ATS in all Memphis games.  I really wonder how much the Tigers have left in the tank. Six days ago East Carolina had possession for 42:47 with 32 first downs. Memphis had the ball for 17:13.  Now they play six days later against an undefeated conference opponent on the road with that team desperately wanting REVENGE!  Nine straight wins for Houston and their first appearance on Tuesday in the playoff poll.  Senior Tune vs true freshman Henigan at QB.  It all fits for me and I think this is cheap considering Memphis is 2-4 in league play and has avoided Cincinnati and Houston until tonight while the Cougars are 7-0. 


RED ends 2020-21 season 29-11 ATS in all Bowls 


Really great way to end 2021 Hoops guys. Animal 3-0 with Baylor, UNDER, and Baylor +175 ML while Service Plays in RED go 4-0

J.J. just incredible.  54-23 to end the season including 36-16 in the NBA

Maingate Group finishes college campaign 43-28 w/ Baylor

J.J 8-3 last 8 days; 27-11 the last 19 days, 37-15 the last 27 days; 54-23 the last 77. NBA is insanity at 36-16 
Service plays in
RED finish 186-144 ATS the last 51 days

J.J. 5-1 last 6 25* Moves

Analysis of 4* Baylor +4 1/2, 4* 'UNDER' 159, and 3* Baylor +175 ML on 4/5/2021

On Saturday it looked like night and day defensively between these two teams. Baylor was in the face of every Houston Cougar and played smothering defense throughout. Gonzaga allowed UCLA countless wide-open shots and the Bruins, who hit 44 percent from the field throughout their first five games in the dance (nice sample size) would shoot 57.6% against the Zags.  Of course you could also say UCLA played out of their minds on Saturday and still lost!  It's been a span of eight games since anybody shot better than 48 percent against Baylor. It's been a span of six games since Baylor lost the turnover war and is +43 in that span.  That's incredible.  Gonzaga is the #1 scoring team in the country averaging 91.6 points per game.  Baylor has yielded 63 or less in 4/5 NCAA Tournament games so far.  The problem for Gonzaga is while there's a huge disparity on defense, Baylor is also the #3 scoring team in the nation and #1 in three-point shooting hitting at a 41 percent team clip, which is phenomenal.  Gonzaga was #59 in three-point shooting and were only 7-of-21 on Saturday.  They were only 12-of-20 from the free-throw shooting line. I kind of equate Saturday's UCLA/Gonzaga game to a great heavyweight fight. Both teams threw everything they had and it certainly will go down as one of the greatest games/fights ever.  But could Gonzaga show some fatigue from that game?  Coach Few has been here before but he's never won and I thought about that often on Saturday when the Zags barely beat a #11 seed.  Baylor seems a little more battle-tested and fresher right now, especially on the defensive end.  I was blown away how effective Baylor was on both ends of the floor against a very good Houston squad, who entered #2 in the country in points allowed this year behind Loyola-Illinois.  The Bears don't beat themselves either with turnovers. They've had just 28 turnovers combined in their last four games.  Over the same span, Gonzaga's had 45 miscues.  I think it's a very bad sign for Gonzaga to struggle with a #11 seed as a 14-point favorite. I'll grab the points with Baylor, who I think is more than capable of winning outright.  But again college kids have played so inconsistently throughout the season this year because of distractions so anything is possible. Remember UCLA went from a 51-49 ugly win hitting 38.9% against Michigan to hit 57.6% and score 81-points in regulation against the #1 team in the nation.  That still makes zero sense to be.  FYI: Tonight is the first time Baylor has been an underdog this season. Their cheapest price was -3 1/2 @ West Virginia.  On Saturday Baylor scored the most points against Houston in one half this year (45) and held the Cougars to the fewest in one half (20). 

In terms of the total, I doubt Gonzaga shoots anywhere near the 58.7 percent they made from the field against UCLA.  But at the same time, Coach Few has to know his team has to tighten up defensively to beat Baylor. The Zags, in my opinion, were lazy on Saturday night defensively giving the Bruins way too many wide-open looks.  There were 130 teams in the NCAA that scored more points than the Bruins did this year on a per-game average.  That's hard to fathom if you watched the Final Four.  There were times of the game I swear that neither team could miss and the Bruins seemed to either convert with a made field goal or get fouled virtually every time down the court in the 2nd half.  Gonzaga has to be taking the mindset they have to play better defense tonight and good teams usually do following an embarrassing effort defensively.  Baylor also shot lights out against Houston and let's not forget the Cougars were #2 in the nation allowing 58.2 points per game behind Loyola-Chicago.  There are currently 137 teams in the country that play better defense than Gonzaga in terms of points per game.  48 for Baylor.  That's kind of shocking for the #1 team in the nation and considering the amount of feeble opponents they play in the Big West twice this year.  I'm going 'UNDER' this total.  Obviously this number was going to be inflated after watching Gonzaga and UCLA and the way Baylor performed offensively against Houston.  But both teams have to averaged 40-points per half for this game to go 'OVER' providing no overtime. That's a ton.  Plus it's not like Gonzaga tries to beat you with non-stop three-point shooting. Baylor looks awfully quick to get beat off the dribble.  Championship game totals are always set high.  I'll go low.  I just can't see both of these teams hitting 53 percent or better and that's what it will take to get 'OVER' 159. 

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Bingo! 10* Totals Club hits 10* again w/
Texas State and App State way 'OVER' 128 (85-68 final)'

Maingate 15* St. Johns

Animal 9-5 March Majors w/ Georgia +3 on Wednesday


Kudos to 10* Totals Club hitting 10* on Northern Ky 'OVER' 129 on  Tuesday

10* Totals Club now 42-25 w/ all NCAA Totals. 4-1 last five rated 10


Analysis of 5* Duquesne +6 on the buy Tuesday:

In their last eight games since January 26th, Duquesne has only lost one game by more than three points and that was to mighty Dayton by 10 on the road.  The Dukes are 20-8 overall, 10-5 on the road, and 10-6 in league play. This has been their best season in a number of years. They take on VCU who has lost outright in 5/6 and really struggling offensively failing to exceed 62-points in 4/5.  I can't say with any conviction the Dukes are a defensive juggernaut but they can score producing 67 or more in 8/9 and reaching the 80-point plateau in four of them.  VCU has been a solid go-against all season with a 10-19 spread ledger and 3-12 ATS on the season after playing one or more consecutive 'UNDERS'.  I think the Dukes stay competitive tonight. What's remarkable about VCU is they only have one healthy double-digit scorer in forward Marcus Santos-Silva at 12.4 points per game. 2nd-leading scorer, guard De'Riante Jenkins at 10.7 per game, is out indefinitely with 'personal' reasons.  Third-leading scorer, guard Marcus Evans at 9.9 a game, is out with a knee injury he sustained on 2/24.  Duquesne has five starters that average between 14-4 and 9.0 points per game and all are healthy including a senior and three juniors.  Duquesne has already had a nice 82-68 road win at St. Louis, where VCU lost on 2/21 by a 80-62 count.  The Rams are struggling without their 2nd and 3rd leading scorers and without many options offensively. I feel like I have the better team catching points and love the idea of +6 on the buy. 

Analysis of 4 1/2* Arkansas 'OVER' 154 1/2 on Wednesday:

I can't imagine seeing any defense tonight for LSU and Arkansas.  The Razorbacks are an incredible 12-1 'OVER' in their last 13 games. I projected this total to be in the low 160's so there is some value.  LSU had a 7-game 'OVER' streak snapped by lackadaisical Texas A&M in their last game.  But consider this: The last meeting between these two teams produced a 79-77 final and LSU shot only 40.9 percent from the floor including 4-of-15 from beyond the arc (26%) and missed seven free throws (21-of-28).  In the prior two meetings before that the final scores were 90-89 and 94-88.  Arkansas is 6-0 'OVER' off a road loss and got beat at Georgia on Saturday.  The Hogs are 9-0 'OVER' this season revenging a loss in which they scored 75 or more points.  LSU 11-2 'OVER' on the road this season plus 22-10 'OVER' in the role of an underdog the past three years.


Maingate Group now 26-11 w/ 25* or higher since Auburn beat Alabama on November 30th 

16-3 Football/10-8 NCAA Hoops w/ all 25* or higher since 11/30  


2019 Hoops Recap


Animal 38-21-1 NCAA Majors last 40 days in 2019 (see list below)

Animal 64-43 Hoop Majors from Feb 1st thru Title Game in 2018

Animal 61-34 NCAA 5*'s last 7 years

Service plays in RED 46-24-4 ATS last 26 days of College Hoops in 2018 on MC.

Maingate 21-0-1 from March 7th thru NCAA Title game 25*/15* plays in 2018!  


Maingate Group 10-8 so far in NCAA Hoop 25* plays

Since November 30th when Maingate had 35* Auburn over Alabama as Game of the Year now 16-3 w/ 35* and 25* plays and 10-8 w/ NCAA Hoop 25* plays


1/19:  25* SF 49ers -8.....37-20..... WIN

1/12:  25* Green Bay -4.....28-23.....WIN

1/5:    25* Seattle/Philly 'UNDER' 45....17-9....WIN

1/4:    25* New England 'OVER' 45....21-13....LOSS

1/1:    25* Baylor +4 1/2....14-26.....LOSS

12/29: 25* SF 49ers -3....26-21....WIN

12/28: 25* Clemson -2 1/2....29-23...WIN

12/27: 25* Air Force -2 1/2....31-21....WIN

12/24: 25* BYU -2...34-38....LOSS

12/22: 25* KC -6......26-3....WIN

12/21: 25* SF/Rams 'OVER' 45....34-31....WIN

12/15:  25* Vikings/Chargers 'OVER' 45....39-10....WIN

12/14:  25* Kansas -23...NCAA Hoops..98-57...WIN

12/12:  25* Baltimore 'OVER' 23 1st half...21-7 @ half....WIN

12/11:  25* LA Chargers -3....45-10.....WIN

12/10:  35* Clemson -28 1/2...62-17....WIN

12/2:    25* Seattle -2 1/2...37-30....WIN

12/1:    25* Houston Texans +3 1/2......28-22.....WIN

11/30:  35* Auburn +3 1/2..48-45...WIN

Remember guys, Maingate Group is the service that hit 21 straight in March Madness two years ago

10* Totals Club now 12-5 last 17 rated w/ LSU/Clemson 'OVER' in title game

2/2:      10* SF/KC 'OVER' 53........31-20.....LOSS

1/13:   10* Clemson/LSU 'OVER' 65 1/2.....42-25....WIN

1/2:     10* Cincinnati/BC 'OVER' 53....38-6....LOSS

12/29: 10* New England/Miami 'OVER' 45....27-24....WIN

12/28: 10* LSU/Okla 'OVER' 76....63-28....WIN

12/26: 10* Pittsburgh Univ 'OVER' 49....34-30....WIN

12/22: 10* Baltimore 'OVER' 49.  31-15....LOSS

12/21: 10* New England 'OVER' 37...24-17...34-31....WIN

12/16: 10* New Orleans 'OVER' 48 1/2....34-7...LOSS

12/15: 10* Pittsburgh 'UNDER' 37.....17-10....WIN

12/8:   10* New England 'UNDER' 49....23-16.....WIN

12/7:   10* Clemson 'OVER' 56....62-17....WIN

12/6:   10* Oregon 'OVER' 45 1/2....37-15....WIN

12/1:   10* NY Jets 'OVER' 42 1/2....22-6....LOSS

11/30:  10* Wyoming 'UNDER' 41 1/2.....17-7....WIN

11/29:  10* Buffalo Univ 'OVER' 53 1/2....49-30....WIN

11/28:  10* Dallas 'UNDER' 47.....26-15....WIN


NCAA Hoops recap:

Animal 38-21-1 last 40 Days w/ NCAA Majors missing Texas Tech in OT Monday


4/8: 4* Texas Tech +1 1/2  Loss

4/6: 5* Auburn/UVA 'OVER' 132  Loss

4/5: 4* Liscomb +2  Loss

4/2: 4* Lipscomb -1  WIN

3/31: 4* Ky 'OVER' 142 1/2  WIN

3/30: 4* Gonzaga 'OVER' 136 1/2  WIN

3/29: 4* Duke 'OVER' 143  WIN

3/29: 4 1/2* UNC -5 1/2  Loss

3/28: 4* Oregon +8 1/2  WIN

3/26: 4 1/2* Wichita State +4 1/2 WIN

3/25: 4* West Va -10  Loss

3/24: 4* Houston -6  WIN

3/23 4 1/2* Villanova +3 1/2  Loss

3/23: 4* Kentucky -5  WIN

3/22: 4 1/2* Wisconsin 'OVER' 116 1/2  WIN

3/21: 4* Gonzaga 'OVER' 152  Loss

3/21: 4* Belmont +3  WIN

3/21: 4* Auburn -5 1/2  Loss

3/20: 4* Alabama 'UNDER' 144  Loss thanks to OT

3/19: 4 1/2* Hofstra +9  WIN

3/19: 4* Belmont -3  WIN

3/17: 4 1/2* Auburn/Tenn 'OVER' 144:  WIN

3/16: 4 1/2* Wichita State +5 1/2  WIN

3/16: 4* Kentucky -1 1/2  Lose

3/15: 4* Xavier +7 1/2  WIN

3/15: 4* South Carolina +8 Loss by 9

3/15: 4* St Bonaventure 'UNDER' 130  WIN

3/14: 4* Wichita State -11  WIN

3/14: 4* Iowa -4 1/2 WIN

3/14: 4* Duquesne +2  Loss

3/14: 4* Fla State +1  WIN

3/13: 4* Texas A&M -3 1/2  WIN

3/13: 4* Air Force -11  WIN

3/12: 4 1/2* Gonzaga -8 1st half/-14 game (split action).  Loss

3/12: 4* Georgia Tech +2  Loss

3/11: 4* Hofstra 'OVER' 147  WIN

3/11: 4* Hofstra -10 1/2 Loss

3/10: 4* USF -2  Loss

3/10: 4* Penn State -8  WIN

3/9: 4* Washington -2 in the 1st half.  Loss

3/9: 4* Xavier -3.  WIN

3/9: 4 1/2* Ky 'OVER' 128.  Loss

3/9: 4* Boston College +3 1/2 Loss

3/8: 4* Drake 'UNDER' 140. Push.  86 in 2nd half after 54 in 1st half

3/7: 4* UCF -2  WIN

3/7: 4 1/2* Houston -12 1/2  Loss by 1.5 points

3/6: 4* Clemson 'UNDER' 133 WIN

3/6: 4* Dayton -6 1/2 1st half  WIN

3/5:  4* Miami Ohio/Kent 'UNDER' 144 WIN

3/5: 4* Wisconsin-Green Bay -3  WIN

3/3: 4* Texas Tech -4 1/2 1st half  WIN

3/2: 4 1/2* South Florida +4  WIN

3/2: 4* Stanford +1 1/2  WIN

3/1: 4* Drake +4 WIN

3/1: 4 1/2* Penn State +6 1/2  WIN

3/1: 4* Houston 'OVER' 133 1/2  Lose by 1/2-point

3/1: 4* Utah State +1 WIN

2/27: 4* Towson State +3  WIN

2/27: 4* UAB +1  Lose

2/26: 4* Northern Iowa +1 1/2  WIN

2/26: 4* Nevada 'OVER' 152 1/2  WIN


The Animal has flat out owned Super Bowls:

Animal 13-3 the last eight years w/ Super Bowl sides & totals.



2018 Hoops Recap


Animal 64-43 Hoop Majors from Feb 1st thru Title Game

Animal 61-34 NCAA 5*'s last 3 years

Service plays in RED 46-24-4 ATS last 26 days of College Hoops in 2018.   


Modified Consensus is flat out scary w/ Big plays in RED:

158-103 Hoops as of 2/27/2019

33-16 Bowls Final



Bowl Service Plays in RED finish 33-16 on season w/ 10* Totals Club hitting 10* on Clemson 'OVER'


December 31st, 2018.  A day that will live in infamy in the Consensus Biz!

Service plays in RED finish 16-6 on New Years Eve & New Years Day combined.  That's 33-16 in all Bowls in RED this postseason! 

& what a football season J.J. is having.  86-48 in NCAA Football including 10-4 in Bowls!  



HOOPS, HOOPS, HOOPS 2018 recap:

Maingate 21-0-1 from March 7th thru NCAA Title game 25*/15* plays

Animal 64-43 Hoop Majors from Feb 1st thru Title Game

Animal 61-34 NCAA 5*'s last 3 years

Service plays in RED 46-24-4 ATS last 26 days of College Hoops in 2018


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It's time guys...FOOTBALL IS HERE!

September 24th, 2021 

Season #42 underway!

Excellent start guys and we've added 5 newcomers to the panel that are paying off tremendous dividends. Dr B and Fez for both NFL and NCAA. P Stone for NCAA.  W Sharp and Teddy C for NFL.  NFL Premium Plays off to a fast start and Wildcat and 10* Totals Club have been especially sharp.  Neri is simply sensational with the 4* moves to date.  

Thank you!